Sizing & Fit

Enhanced Comfort & Mobility

Body Armour Sizing

Tips for maximum comfort:

  1. Body armour should fit with room for movement without being too loose or overly tight.
  2. When being measured wear your complete uniform as you would at work.
  3. Be comfortable, do not sit or stand artificially erect while being measured.
  4. The carrier should not be too long or too short – a carrier that is too long can interfere with the duty belt while seated, while one that is too short does not offer maximum torso coverage.
  5. The shoulders should be adjusted so the soft armour and/or hard armour plates sit at the sternal notch (or “V” notch) at the base of the throat to ensure maximum coverage of the aorta region.

Tips for body armour measurement:

  1. Have another person conduct the measuring of your torso.
  2. Be precise, accurate and complete all the required information.
  3. Do not over or under measure. Poor measurements result in
    poor fitting armor.
  4. When measured, wear normal / usual “WORKING” attire.
  5. Do not artificially adjust your belt height up or down.
  6. Sit comfortably. Do not sit or stand artificially erect while being

Fit Policy

We collaborate with industry leading manufacturers, operators, and agencies to solve common challenges and drive product development that more effectively addresses operator needs. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible armor solutions with a focus on quality through material science and process control.

LORICA offers a hybrid model of body armour sizing – standard-fit, or custom-fit. No one left behind.

Standard-fit is comprised of seven standard sizes (XXS-XXL) that have been specifically designed through years of data to fit the majority of end-users. This also offers operators the choice of a ready-to-deploy solution in the case of a current armour carrier failure to always ensure protection during active duty.

Custom-fit is an option for operators with current, non-expired soft body armour that want or need to upgrade their carrier, or for departments looking to deploy LORICA body armour across their team.

We believe providing these fit models offers end-users and departments more choice and more flexibility when procuring new equipment.

Sizing Notes

  1. If the agency intends to use an external carrier in combination with LORICA soft armor concealable panels we strongly encourage them to use a LORICA external carrier model supplied by LORICA.
  2. If the agency intends to use an external 3rd party carrier or product in combination with LORICA soft armor concealable panels we are not guaranteeing fit to 3rd party products as our design and shape is unique and proprietary to LORICA.
  3. Any custom size armor or package should be shown to the agency before placing an order, so they see the physical product and characteristics including thickness, size, cut, shape, etc. Without this step, the agency will not have a realistic expectation of what our armor package looks and feels like and may result in unnecessary returns and reworks.

For additional support on proper sizing and fit, please contact us at