Our Philosophy

"To reimagine the functionality and accessibility of technical equipment."

- LORICA Equipment Mission
LORICA Equipment

Purpose Built

Our equipment protects and saves lives. By bridging the gap between operational experience and purpose built design we can develop more effective gear.

This is achieved through a deeper analysis into operational functionality and committing to greater level of consideration of the human factor.

Everything has a purpose. And that purpose is bound to an action.

What Defines LORICA

Unquestionable Principles


Our products save lives; we are here throughout the life of the product.

Mission Focused

In product development and customer service.


With suppliers, industry partners, and stakeholders.


Stay accessible, stay open, and stay honest.

What's in a Name

A Legacy of Protection

LORICA / Latin: [loːˈriːka]

Inspired from ancient Roman military garments, LORICA refers to many forms of personal armour.

Established in 2021, LORICA Equipment pays homage to these iconic soldiers and aims to continue the tradition of forging legendary technical equipment for today's heroes.

Advance and Vanquish

A Formation of Strength

Influenced by ancient warfare tactics, LORICA's symbol arises from the consistent defensive strength provided by the testudo formation.

We progress in unison - advancing our customer's capabilities and strengthening our abilities as a team.

A Brotherhood in Pursuit

A Brotherhood in Pursuit

Our team of armour and military experts relentlessly seek innovative materials and equipment solutions to bring you the highest performing gear achievable.

We collaborate with industry leading manufacturers, operators, and agencies to solve common challenges and drive product development that more effectively addresses operator needs.

"We are fortunate to have a team with diverse backgrounds. From former Canadian Armed Forces and personal armour experts with decades of experience - our unique skillsets allow us to work with some of the top agencies in Canada to develop higher-performing equipment."

- LORICA Founders
Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Spielman

Dan served the Canadian Armed Forces for 18 years. He studied at the Royal Military College of Canada and served with the Canadian Army as an infantry officer with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Throughout his career he commanded soldiers in various units both in Canada and in Afghanistan, worked as project manager for the Canadian Forces Special Operations Command, commanded units on domestic operations and worked at high level headquarters in strategic planning roles.

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Co-Founder & Director

Tina Spielman

Tina was previously a civil servant with the RCMP and her experience as an owner of Joint Force Tactical has equipped her to build and develop a relevant and forward-thinking brand with strong ties in the law enforcement community.

Her knowlage and experience as a woman in the tactical gear space offers a significant advantage when developing gear that is inclusive and as diverse as the end-users that rely on it.

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Co-Founder & Designer

Laksith "Lucky" Malalagama

Laksith has nearly 15 years of experience in research, design, product development and manufacturing functions within the apparel manufacturing industry.

Previously, he was employed at the largest apparel manufacturer in South Asia, and a strategic manufacturing partner for major global brands in the high performance apparel and space. He holds a master's degree in Fashion and a master's in business administration.

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Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

Paul Neufeld

Paul has over a decade of experience in marketing and communications management, digital development, and creative production in both marketing agencies and within large private Canadian corporations and globally recognized public research universities.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing Management. He has previously worked on teams developing strategies, products, and brands for the Canadian body armour and tactical gear industry.

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