LORICA Equipment Ready to Support Government, Federal, and Domestic Law Enforcement Agencies and First Responders

March 4th, 2022

Chilliwack, BC – LORICA Equipment, an agile Canadian manufacturer of advanced tactical equipment, and its industry partners are ready to support rush orders to assist with the rapidly changing personal protection needs of agencies.

With the current situation in the industry, and subsequently with the current events taking place in the Ukraine, the Company has been working to be able to support rush orders of a certain scale.

Based on the partnerships established with our suppliers and our exceptional team, the Company can provide plate carriers and rifle plates within the following timelines:


  • Throw-over style, MOLLE webbing with identification loop and drag handle
  • Initial batch: 400 carriers within 2 weeks ARO
  • Production rate after initial batch: 250 / week


    Level III: $350 -$750*

  • Initial batch: 800 plates within 2 weeks ARO
  • Production rate after initial batch: 1,500 / week

Level III+7.62×39 API BZ: $400 – $600*

  • Initial batch: 50 plates within 4 weeks ARO
  • Production rate after initial batch: 500 / week

Level IV: $540 – $1,200*

  • Initial batch: 800 plates within 2 weeks ARO
  • Production rate after initial batch: 1,500 / week

* Exact model, price and specifications of plates will be confirmed at the enquiry stage for each level of protection.

All plates offer Stand Alone protection without the use of soft body armour. Plates are submitted to export control. Orders are subject to supply changes and will be produced on a first come first serve basis.

To order, please contact or call 1-604-392-2295. To expedite the order, please provide:

  • A firm purchase order stating quantity and end-use.
  • End-User Certificate filled-in and signed by a recognized governmental organization or law-enforcement agency – LORICA Equipment can provide the document once specifications are confirmed.
  • Payment terms: 50% at the time of order, 50% at shipment.

Daniel Spielman, Chief Executive Officer of LORICA Equipment stated, “We are ready to allocate the necessary resources to offer our life-saving equipment to the brave first-responders in these times of uncertainty. We currently serve domestic law enforcement agencies and specialty teams across Canada and are prepared to extend our capabilities to ensure those that can benefit from this essential equipment can deploy it without delay.”

Press Contact

Paul Neufeld
LORICA Equipment Ltd.

About LORICA Equipment

LORICA Equipment aims to reimagine the functionality and accessibility of technical equipment. The Company designs and develops purpose-built tactical gear and technical apparel in Canada to enhance the abilities and protection of prestigious law enforcement and military operators across North America.

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