LORICA Equipment Launches Its Canadian-Made Tactical Products

October 1st, 2021

Chilliwack, BC – LORICA Equipment, a new Canadian manufacturer of high-performance tactical equipment and personal body armour, officially launches its purpose-built tactical gear for Canadian law enforcement and military to help better address the needs of modern agencies.

“LORICA brings together a wealth of experience from former Canadian Armed Forces to personal armour experts and textile designers with very diverse backgrounds”, said Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Spielman. “Our focus is really diving in with end-users to uncover their current equipment challenges. We then use a human-centered, iterative process to prototype and field test for that first-hand feedback. In the end, we ultimately create gear that more effectively addresses their needs.”

Inspired from ancient Roman military garments, LORICA (Latin: [loːˈriːka]) refers to many forms of personal armour. LORICA Equipment pays homage to these iconic soldiers and aims to continue the tradition of forging legendary technical equipment for today’s heroes.

“Our equipment protects and saves lives.” continues Spielman. “We are constantly working to take our customer’s operational experiences and marry it with novel design solutions to develop higher performing gear.”

The Company’s focus is nylon-based products such as body armour carriers and related accessories, as well as technical apparel and personal armour platforms.

Although a fairly new company, LORICA has quickly made a mark in the industry. The Company has established dealers in both Western and Eastern Canada and has shipped gear and protective solutions to several end-users and departments across Canada.

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Press Contact

Paul Neufeld
LORICA Equipment Ltd.

About LORICA Equipment

LORICA Equipment aims to reimagine the functionality and accessibility of technical equipment. The Company designs and develops purpose-built tactical gear and technical apparel in Canada to enhance the abilities and protection of prestigious law enforcement and military operators across North America.

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